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Boston Dynamics Aims to Sell Their SpotMini from 2019 Onwards

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Boston Dynamics indicated that they will begin to sell their robots for the first time in their 26-year history with the announcement in May that they will sell the ‘SpotMini’ from 2019 onwards. According to their website the spot-mini is one of the quietest robots Boston Dynamics have ever built thanks to its all electric design. It will weigh around 25 to 30 kg (depending if you have the arm attached or not) and it will be able to keep going for up-to 90 minutes on one charge. SpotMini inherits all of the mobility of its bigger brother, Spot, while adding the ability to pick up and handle objects using its 5 degrees-of-freedom arm and perception sensors, which include stereo cameras, depth cameras and position/force sensors in the limbs. It will be able to climb up and down stairs as well as opening and closing doors amongst other things and as such could be deployed to conduct security patrols. A price tag has not been revealed for the robot but we imagine that it would be at least $10,000 and not be meant as a consumer product just yet. As of now, the company has 10 prototypes of the quadruped and is aiming to build 100 more this year. Boston Dynamics CEO Marc Raibert said that they will be working with manufacturers to ramp up its production rate ahead of next year’s launch.

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