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Microsoft Releases ‘Robotics Operating System’ To Aid Robot Programming

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Microsoft backed the view that robots are here to stay by releasing the Robot Operating System (ROS) for Windows. The ROS is not actually as the name suggests an operating-system but, it is essentially a set of tools and libraries which will help developers build complex robot programs. ROS has been around for a while on the Linux operating system, but Microsoft believes that by making a port to Windows that developers will be able to also use its Visual Studio package to build the algorithms that will control the robot’s every move and interaction. The port will also allow developers to add the power and functionality of Windows Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services in all forms of robotics. Microsoft is keen to get a foot into the door of "Industry 4.0", the next generation of manufacturing with robots that are more aware of their surroundings, simpler to program and safer to be around. According to Microsoft, ROS on Windows will evolve to include full integration with GPU-based machine learning and Azure IoT Hub

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