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Automated Molecular Testing Instruments Being Used For COVID-19 Testing

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The lack of testing capacity worldwide for COVID-19 testing has led to the US FDA issuing an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Roche’s cobas 6800/8800 molecular invitro diagnostic

testing machines to be used for this purpose. Designed for high throughput and speedy turnaround times, Roche’s machines will be able to provide 384 results from the 6800 series and 960 results from the 8800 series in 8 hours. The installed base worldwide is 695 for the 6800, and 132 for the 8800. EUAs have also been issued to Hologic who has also developed a new automated testing with its Panther Fusion system, as well as DiaSorin with its Liaison MDX system. These are all for use in the US.

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