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Boston Dynamics Launches Commercial Sales of Spot – Yours for Only $74,500!

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Softbank owned Boston Dynamics has announced the much-anticipated commercial release of their four-legged robot Spot named after its resemblance to a dog. Spot is designed to go where other robots cannot go and to perform a broad number of tasks. Thanks to a rail mounting system on its back, it can be reconfigured for various use cases to increase efficiency and greatly increase workplace safety. Spot was previously only available for short-term lease under Boston Dynamics’ Early Adopter Program. Under that program, over 150 Spot robots were successfully used by domestic and international businesses and research facilities. Early Adopters used ‘Spots’ to document construction progress, monitor remote or hazardous environments, and provide situational awareness. For example it was used to automate the capture of nearly 5,000 images weekly on a building project saving around 20 hours of work per week. Spot robots were used in a variety of environments, including power generation facilities, decommissioned nuclear sites, factory floors, construction sites, and research laboratories. Other robots currently in the portfolio which are also likely to be sold in the future include ‘Handle’, ‘Atlas’ and ‘Pick’ all of which are biped robots with applications ranging from logistics to security.

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