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Amazon unveils the ‘Always Home Cam’ the World’s First Home Security Drone

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Amazon has debuted its Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous drone-style camera that can fly around the home to record disturbances when the owner is away. Connected to a series of sensors in the home, the flying security camera is designed to automatically fly to pre-determined areas in the user's residence if one of the sensors is triggered by a potential break-in or disturbance. When the sensors are triggered, the owner receives a smartphone alert that allows them to watch the footage live. A camera is embedded into the lower part of a central rod, which is attached to a flat, fan-like element on the top of the device that allows it to fly. When not in use, the drone-like device is designed to fit snug inside a cubic dock with a central opening. Once activated, it rises up from the dock and flies on its pre-set path. This rids security camera owners of the need to set up multiple devices across the house by offering various viewpoints in a singular, mobile camera. For now at least the Ring Always Home Cam cannot be controlled manually and will only fly where the user has programmed it to. To avoid any accidents, the drone features obstacle avoidance technology and has a casing around its propellers. One feature it doesn’t appear to have is the ability to open doors so to get the most out of it you’re going to have to leave all your internal doors open.


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