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DJI’s New First Person View (FPV) Drone System Brought VR to the Real World

Updated: Feb 24

DJI, the leading Chinese drone company, launched an all-in-one FPV drone system, which significantly improves video quality and control latency. The system includes a drone, a pair of goggles, a remote controller and a motion controller. FPV drones give user a pilot's-eye view from the aircraft thanks to the combination of video goggles and a low-latency feed from the drone's camera. With impressive technical specs, such as 4K 60fps video quality, 120Mbps recording speed, and 87mph (140km/h) maximum speed, DJI FPV brings a vivid experience for users. According to the reviews, this is the most exciting and interesting commercialised application of VR, and this helps to promote drones to broader consumers. Although added to the US entity list in December 2020, DJI said its products would remain on sales in America. However, this may be the opportunity for other players. In February 2021, California-based Skydio became the first American drone maker to be valued at more than $1 billion after a Series D funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz’s Growth Fund. According to Forbes, Skydio drones are owned by more than 20 US police agencies. With regulations and policies launched in the US and EU, more application of drones will be seen in both consumer and industrial sectors.

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