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Early AI Pioneer Quits Role at Google and Regrets Some of His Life’s Work

Geoffrey Hinton, known as “the Godfather of AI,” has resigned from his position at Google to be able to speak freely about his concerns about the rapid rise of chatbots and other generative AI technologies. The pioneering cognitive psychologist and computer scientist was a front-runner in the development of neural networks and deep learning technologies that power chatbot systems like ChatGPT. He believes that companies must exercise caution and restraint in their development of AI, and that regulation and transparency are necessary to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly.

His concerns stem from the recent launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a large language model that has demonstrated human like capabilities in a number of areas. He believed that the AI revolution was decades away, but the rapid progress of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies has changed his mind. He worries that these technologies will make it difficult for people to discern truth from falsehood, and that they will lead to widespread job displacement as AI becomes increasingly capable of automating tasks.

His departure from Google comes at a time when others in the field are also calling for a pause in the development of AI. They argue that the rapid pace of innovation is outstripping our ability to understand and control these technologies, and that we must take a more cautious approach to their development. Without regulation and transparency, they warn, companies risk losing control of a potent technology that could have far-reaching consequences for society. The rise of chatbots and other generative AI technologies has raised particular concerns, as these technologies have the potential to spread misinformation and disinformation on a massive scale.


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