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Labrador’s Retriever Robot Aids Elderly to Live Independently

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Labrador Systems have come up with a solution to aid people with lowered mobility around homes with a semi-autonomous mobile table. For older adults as well as those with disabilities, reliance on mobility aids may mean moving around while carrying things in arms can be dangerous, painful, exhausting and could necessitate the need for in-home help. The Labrador robot offers a place to store and transport heavy items that might be impossible for those people to carry or move on their own. In total, the robot can handle up to 11kg (24 lbs).

Labrador has designed a system of pallets and trays that allow its Retriever robot to carry out fetching tasks autonomously. Pallets can be attached to tables or countertops, and then the robot can be instructed to interface with a specific pallet and retrieve the tray.

Labrador uses 3D visual simultaneous localization and mapping, combined with depth sensors and bumpers on all sides to navigate through home environments, managing tight spaces, floor transitions, and low lighting conditions, but you will have to keep clutter and cords away from the robot’s path and possibly tape down some carpet edges.

When you first get a robot, a Labrador representative will (remotely) drive it around to build a map and to set up the “bus stops” where the robot can be sent. This simplifies control, as the user can then just speak a destination and the robot will make its way there, zero training time required. It can also be scheduled to be at specific spots at specific times. All-day battery life is achievable since the robot spends most of its time being a table and not moving.


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