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Neuralink Presents Breakthrough Implant for Brain-to-Machine Interface

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Neuralink has unveiled a "dramatically simplified" design for an implant that aims to create brain-to-machine interfaces. Elon Musk unveiled the new design of the chip, as well as the full-scale surgical robot and a group of pig test subjects in an online presentation. The Neuralink has been simplified from a device behind the ear to one on sitting on top of the skull. It is said to be the size of a large coin. The in-brain device could enable humans with neurological conditions to control technology such as phones or computers with their thoughts. Musk also claims to be able to solve neurological disorders from memory, hearing loss and blindness to paralysis, depression and brain damage. The current prototype – referred to as version 0.9 – measures at 23 mm by 8 mm and has 1024 electrode "threads" attached to it that are implanted into the brain. The industrial design for the surgical robot, which is programmed to insert the neural threads safely into the brain, was done by US design company Woke Studios. The robot would be able to insert the link in under an hour without general anaesthesia, with the patient able to leave hospital on the same day. Neuralink received a Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA in July. The start-up is now preparing for its first human implantation, pending required approvals and further safety testing.


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