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We align our interests with our investors

Jonathan Cohen, CIO of Robocap

Our Strategy

The general strategy and universe remains the same across products. We try to align the interests of investors by offering different liquidities and currencies.

Robocap UCITS Fund

In 2015, we decided to launch our fund on the Montlake Platform. It allowed us to align the fund with well known and highly respected fund service providers like Northern Trust and KPMG. We ensured the fund has a strong support framework and is always in full compliance. MontLake is a leading, independent, UCITS platform, supporting the operational needs of the fund as well as providing fiduciary oversight. We believe the UCITS ICAV is well-suited to implement the strategy and to satisfy the highest standards from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and many more.

In 2023, Robocap Asset Management Limited became authorised by the FCA, ending our long relationship with Sturgeon Ventures as an appointed representative. The firm uses ACA as external compliance consultants.

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Robocap Partners Funds

In 2018, we launched the master fund Robocap Partners CIM Fund, composed of the 2 feeders: 1) Robocap Partners DE I LP, a Delaware fund and 2) Robocap Partners Offshore Fund Ltd, a Cayman Island fund. We saw an increased interest in small caps and lower liquidity companies. We look at companies that have a Market Cap of $100m, while we still follow the same strategy and maintain the same definition of robotics.

MontLake helped us structure the fund with their expertise. We have surrounded ourselves with strong names like Walkers, Goldman Sachs and Grant Thornton. We collaborate with Helix Advisory Services Ltd. who is the manager of the fund, in addition to ACA providing compliance services on an ongoing basis. More information is available in the members area.

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