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Chow Robotics Unveils Salad Making Robot After 6m Unit Success of RotiMatic

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Chowbotics is gearing up for a major marketing push to find space for its salad-making robot in every homes and catering companies around the world. A test prototype is currently located at Calafia Cafe & Market in Palo Alto and will soon expand to other restaurants. Sally is a rectangular box that has a touchscreen that displays ingredient options and an image of the salad as items are added. You pick your greens, then toppings and dressing. With 22 ingredient canisters, Sally can make more than 1,000 different combinations of salads and can serve up to 50 of them before she needs refilling. According to the CEO of Chow Deepak Sekar it's an ideal health food option, not only for restaurants but also hospitals, workplaces and cafeterias. Sally is the "smallest and most affordable cafeteria an office can have."

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