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Embark Truck Completes U.S. Coast to Coast Autonomous Drive in 5 Days

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

A self-driving truck has completed a coast-to-coast journey across the US, a feat its developers called the first of its kind. Embark has been testing self-driving trucks since last year predominantly on a route between Los Angeles and Texas where the company’s technology controls the vehicle when on the Interstate, but with a driver taking over on smaller roads. Now, in a move to emphasise the capability of its technology, Embark’s truck has completed a journey between Jacksonville in Florida and Los Angeles a 2,400-mile route that was completed over five days. Embark said the truck handled the majority of the driving but there was a driver behind the wheel at all times ready to take over if needed. As a result, rest breaks were a legal requirement which is why the journey took five days. Embark says in the future a truly autonomous truck without a driver could complete the journey in two days by operating around the clock. For the coast-to-coast journey, Embark’s truck was empty but the company has already transported real cargo for refrigerator firm Frigidaire.

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