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CES 2020 – Welcome to the Roaring 20’s - 6/7

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Health, Well-Being and Smart Homes

The Health and Wellness category at the CES saw 135 exhibiting companies, one of the fastest growing areas with a 35% increase from last year. We saw some novel applications of sensors and AI that could have an impact of consumer behavior going forwards:

  • Japanese life insurance company Sompo Japan has tied up with, which has developed a unique optical sensing unit and data platform that captures medical grade physiological information from people remotely, without any physical contact (via smartphone app). The platform applies advanced AI techniques for data analysis, which is streamed to its health cloud, providing unique and actionable insights to end users. Sompo Japan will use this application in part to assess customer’s health and in turn make decisions on the levels of insurance premiums to be paid for the policy.’s technology measures blood pressure from facial video-based biometrics data acquisition technology, and effectively substituting a specialized blood pressure monitor.

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