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John Deere Unveils Concept Autonomous Tracked Tractor

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

John Deere unveiled a concept ‘driver-less’ autonomous tractor at a dealer meeting in Valencia, Spain at the end of September 2019. Although not the first ‘concept’ vehicle to be shown by John Deere, this latest one is set to feature the following – a cab-less tractor, rated power output of 680 horsepower (500kW), zero CO2 emission (so perhaps electric) and use of a track system as opposed to wheels. There also appeared to be an articulated steering system, where a disc harrow was bolted on directly to the tractor itself.There have been no concrete details provided with regards to the powertrain or the technology behind the autonomous driving, although the company has its in-house satellite positioning and computer vision systems that have powered its positioning systems to date.

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