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Demand for Service Robots Jumped 32% in 2019 Led by Logistics & Healthcare

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The sales value of professional service robots increased by 32% to $11.2 billion worldwide in 2019 according to the IFR (International Federation of Robotics). Medical robotics accounted for 47% of the service robots’ turnover in 2019. This was mainly driven by robotic surgery systems, which are the most expensive type in the segment. Sales hit a new record of $5.3 billion up 28% yoy. By 2022, medical robot sales have the potential to more than double by reaching $11.3 billion according to IFR forecasts. The market value of logistics robots sold or leased was up 110% to $1.9 billion in in 2019. Almost all of these logistics sales were generated with robots for indoor use. Autonomous mobile robots have initially been used in warehouses but with digitalization of production, they are also part of today’s smart factory. Therefore, a continued strong sales growth of +40% or more per year is possible in their view. The IFR calculates that“Assuming 24-hour operation, the investment in service robots for logistics may be repaid within 2-3 years and often much quicker. Given a 15-year lifetime, operating costs are around 5% of the annual investment. Highly developed systems often provide operational availability in the 98% plus range,” which is another reason to implement them.


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