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Robotic Tire-Changing Systems Now Working in Real World Garages

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

based robotics and automation start-up, designing and producing robotic tire changing system, just made another important breakthrough into bricks-and-mortar operations, by forming a partnership with Creamery Tire, a local tire service center operator in Pennsylvania.

RoboTire’s fourth-generation robotic tire-changing system at Creamery Tire begun serving customers in December 2022. Creamery has signed on to install additional RoboTire’s systems at two other locations in Pennsylvania. RoboTire Co-Founder and CEO Victor Darlfi mentioned that they see growing demand for safer and more efficient tire changing practices, which would be mutually beneficial to business owners and customers.

Creamery Tire CEO Joseph Franklin also saw that RoboTire’s systems are truly revolutionizing the way they have been doing. Just a few months ago, in August, 2022, RoboTire just completed the instalment of its first robotic tire-changer at Discount Tire, a nationwide tire and wheel retailer in US. Given issues of labor shortage in US, the development and deployment of robotic tire-changer seems accelerating.

Besides the merit of controlling the headcount, RoboTire’s systems can also help reduce the current hour-long tire changing experience to less than 25 minutes, providing a much better user experience to the driver, while at the same time, allowing the shop to serve more cars in a safe and efficient environment


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