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Start-up Sarcos Robotics To Commercialise First Full-Body Exoskeleton

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Sarcos Robotics, a start-up developing robots for industrial and defence applications raised $40 million in series C equity financing. The capital will be used to commercialise its first full-body, self-powered product the Guardian XO which is planned for release in 2021. Sarcos spun out from the University of Utah in 1983 and for years operated as a bioengineering research institution, and worked with DARPA to develop a military exoskeletons. The company claims past customers include NASA, the Department of Homeland Security, Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Boeing, Ford, Merck and universities like MIT and Carnegie Mellon. They say the battery-powered Guardian XO enables operators to lift up to 90kg (200 pounds) while compensating for things like gravity and inertia. A docking station handles charging, while custom attachments paired with a control system minimize latency. Redundant hardware and software support passive braking to prevent bodily injury, and the modular design allows wearers to do it in 30 seconds without having to remove bulky gear.


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